Foster Upsets Fanus in Semi.

Sabeel Foster going down low to play a backhand return to Corey Fanus before going on to beat him and reach the Under-19 Boys’ badminton final. (Kenmore Bynoe)


Monday 23rd April 2013

Sabeel Foster provided the first upset of the 2013 DaCosta Mannings National Junior Badminton Championships last weekend when he defeated Cory Fanus in the second semi-final of the Under-19 boys’ singles competition at the Barbados Community College.

Foster defeated Cory Fanus 23-21, 19-21, 21-18 to advance to the final where he will once again have an uphill battle, coming up against the favoured D’Andre Thorpe, who made light work of Aaron Leslie when he dismissed him 21-3, 21-1 to advance from the first semi-final.

A new champion will be crowned as former champion Jevon Gaskin has graduated to the senior ranks.

Foster dictated the early pace, taking a 14-9 lead where he consistently worked the shuttle to every angle of the court which allowed him to score easily. Fanus proved he was equal to the task and finally settled to score ten unanswered points.

Foster was able to rally and score four straight to retake the lead at 21-20 and win the first game 23-21.

Fanus changed tactics with some spectacular drives and pushed the shuttle straight to Foster’s body which allowed him to tie the game at 17. Foster eased ahead by two points (19-17) but Fanus was not to be denied, holding Foster to 19 points and taking the second game 21-19 to force a decisive match.

Fanus now had the momentum and with increased confidence, took control of the third game and was leading 11-8 into the first interval. He added two more immediately after switching ends of the court to take a five-point advantage (13-8).

Despite being under pressure, Foster looked strong and showed patience as he moved around the shuttle to the backcourt to set up well timed drop shots which proved very effective.

He slowly inched his way back into the game to lock the score at 17. Each player would score again but then Foster seized control with another fantastic drop shot right on the net and Fanus had no answer.

Then, on return of service, Fanus was too aggressive with his cross court smash which landed wide of the court digging himself further in a hole as it was now match point (20-18) to Foster.

The final Saturday will also see Shae Martin attempt to do the double when he comes up against Jehu Gaskin in the Under-15 singles final, while brothers Keenan and Dominick Scantlebury will face off in the Under-11 divisions

The finals in all of the doubles will also be contested. (PR/SAT)


Summarized Scores

Under-13 Boys

Joshua Archer defeated Daniel Tseu 21-1, 21-5

Mixed Doubles

Aren Cupples/Jonathan Gardiner def. Nicholas Howard/Aiden Woodvine 21-16, 21-16

Dominick Scantlebury/Keenan Scantlebury def. Mckenzie Howard/Shalea Wood 21-10, 21-12

Joshua Archer/Shomari Smith def. Nicholas Howard/Aiden Woodvine 21-15 21-13

Aren Cupples/Jonathan Gardiner def. Nicholas Howard/Aiden Woodvine 21-16 21-16

Under-15 Boys’ semi-finals

Shae Martin def. Kodie King 21-2, 21-4

Jehu Gaskin def. Kyle Wood 21-13, 21-4


Kia Miller/Kyle Wood def. Joseph Tseu/Liam Woodvine 16-21, 21-15, 21-14   

Kodie King/Khamal Scantlebury def. Kennie King/Gavin Robinson 22-20, 21-15

Daniel Duncan/Shae Martin def. Aaron Leslie/ Torian Lewis-Best 21-2, 21-6

Kodie King/Khamal Scantlebury def. Kai Miller/Kyle Wood 22-20, 21-14

Kai Miller/Kyle Wood def. Joseph Tseu/Liam Woodvine 16-21, 21-15, 21-14

Kodie King/Khamal Scantlebury def. Kennie King/Gavin Robinson 22-20, 21-15

Kai Miller/Kyle Wood def. Kennie King/Gavin Robinson 18-21, 21-13, 21-19

Kennie King/Gavin Robinson def. Joseph Tseu/Liam Woodvine 21-7, 21-13

Jehu Gaskin/Shae Martin def. Kodie King/Khamal Scantlebury 21-6, 21-6

Jehu Gaskin/Shae Martin def. Joseph Tseu/Liam Woodvine 21-5, 21-3

Under-19 Boys’ semi-finals

D’Andre Thorpe def. Aaron Leslie 21-3, 21-1

Sabeel Foster def. Cory Fanus 23-21, 19-21, 21-18


Corey Fanus/Sabeel Foster def. Daniel Duncan/Shae Martin 21-17, 21-13

Derion Hurley/D’Andre Thorpe def. Aaron Leslie/Torian Lewis-Best 21-4, 21-7

Daniel Duncan/Shae Martin def. Aaron Leslie/Torian Lewis-Best 21-2, 21-6

Corey Fanus/Sabeel Foster def. Aaron Leslie/Torian Lewis-Best 21-6, 21-2